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Do-It-Yourself Countryside Style Party

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Is throwing parties one of your greatest hobbies? If it is, then the next time you host a party, you can do the venue decorations yourself if you have artistic and creative hands. But first, you have to decide for the theme of your party. How about the classic countryside style? Making do-it-yourself adornments for a countryside type of party is just easy. Here are a few countryside party catering suggestions you may use:


• Tiny wooden-framed blackboards: You can use these mini wooden boards to label your foods. Use different colors of chalk to add vibrancy to the buffet table. You can use some nice woods in your backyard as frames for the small blackboards.

• Sunflower jars: if you have a lot of empty crystal clear jars of jams or whatever food, you may use them for your table centerpieces. Your centerpieces need not be extravagant and complicated. Fill these jars with water and use average-stemmed sunflowers for the signature countryside look.

Sunflower Jars

• Flowery Twigs: Of course there will always be twigs scattered in your backyard especially if you have trees. You can use them up, put varnish to the twigs and adorn with tiny flowers. You can put them in the buffet table.

And as for the foods? Leave them up to the kitchen expertise of your food caterer. Australia is home to many great party caterers that can deliver the most splendid catering service to all kinds of parties. Still do not have one? Feel free to visit and you will surely get useful tips about catering foods and others for your party.

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