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Coffee and Tea Party

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Is boredom making you feel sick and lonely to death? Get up and send some invites to whoever you feel like inviting for a coffee and tea party. Just add ‘coffee’ to the usual ‘tea’ party because maybe some of your friends are coffee lovers and they are not so much into tea. Just for the sake of variety and politeness as a host.

tea party

Now, how do you go about your coffee and tea party? Ready your pen and paper for the following friendly tips:

• Plan out your coffee and tea party before you send your invitations to your friends. Remember your invites shall contain the date, time and venue of the party so you have to be sure first about these things.

• The second on your list after finalizing the invites is sitting down with the best food caterer you know (if it is your first time to throw a party and you do not know any food caterer, let and talk about the kinds of foods you want to serve. Seasoned food catering service providers know what dishes to serve in a particular party. In your case, coffee and tea party, the foods will usually be dry and easy to eat and be paired with either coffee or tea like scones, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, etc. The set-up of tables and chairs will be care of the food caterer as well.

kitchen tea party

• And since it is a coffee and tea party, you shall prepare a wide selection of coffee and tea. For coffee, you may have brewed, cappuccino, latte, and espresso while for your tea you can have green tea, Earl grey, tea with infusions like lemon, chamomile, and berries.

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