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Cute Baby Shower Party Ideas

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

baby shower party
Baby shower parties are adorable even if the main celebrant is still inside the tummy of his or her mother. Usually, baby showers are organized by the family members and the close friends of the soon-to-be mother.

For first time baby shower facilitators, here are a few party ideas and tips to successfully throw a baby shower event:

This is the most important: Do not hold the baby shower party a week or two before the due date of the mom because it will be too heavy to even walk around the venue and there are cases that the mom might give birth a week before her expected date of delivery. The safest time would be three to four weeks prior to estimated date of confinement.

Put up a candy buffet table. Baby shower parties just like any children’s celebrations are supposed to be cute and colorful. Besides, the kids in the family will be the ones who will benefit the candy buffet table—or maybe adults as well.

Make an agreement with one of the best food caterers from The party caterers in Australia are not picky of venues. They serve in north, east, west or southern suburbs in Sydney. Have a sit-down talk with the food caterer about the dishes that will be served during the party. Make sure that they are appropriate for the kind of party and for the time when it will be held-morning, noon, afternoon or evening. These things are ought to be considered.

Make the baby shower party venue lively through all things cute and sweet. Baby showers usually use pastel colors- light blue, baby pink, lavender, light green, etc. It should also depend upon the gender of the baby.

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Baby Shower Parties

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Parties actually come in a sequence. First is the engagement party, then the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the wedding day and of course, the cutest of all- the baby shower party! After the wedding, family and friends are actually anticipating the new addition to the couple and they will be more than glad to attend the baby shower party.

baby shower party

For the couple hosting their first ever baby shower, you definitely need a few party concepts that you may inject into the occasion—and also a few side notes to make it run smoothly as planned.

Agree on the venue. If you have a spacious lawn then you do not have to look for a restaurant or hotel with private area to hold the baby shower. You can use your lawn and hire a decorator to make it look baby-ish.

Call on your well-trusted food caterer to do all the planning and preparation for the big day. Remember you are not supposed to get too exhausted; you shall reserve your energy for labor and delivery. In case you need a good list of excellent party caterers, feel free to check out the website They surely got a lot of party tips when it comes to the dishes you shall serve.

baby shower party 2

If you want to be hands-on with the baby shower, then by all means you can. When choosing for the color motif, you can base it on your baby’s gender. Make sure to use pastel colors- a baby shower party is supposed to be sweet, cute and soft.

Be creative. You can put up candy corners and areas where designated for the giveaways and the gifts.

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