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1980s Dance Party for your 50th B-day

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Footloose, Telephone, etc are the most unforgettable 80s dance music. If you have bloomed in the 80s, and enjoyed these classic 80s music, then maybe you can have it as your 50th birthday’s theme. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back songs you have enjoyed in your youth? For sure your friends will definitely enjoy your 50th birthday’s theme.


Spice up your birthday celebration by having a short program. It depends upon you what you want to include in your mini program. Hire a great party host- the ‘witty’ one so that guests will not be bored. And of course, while your program is going on, you can let your guests enjoy a very sumptuous meal by the famous Aussie birthday caterer- With the Birthday Caterer, you will not worry a single thing about the foods and beverages. They have been in the food catering industry for a very long time. When it comes to food quality, you will be assured they will deliver the most excellent foods on your birthday event.

To make your 80s-themed dance party feel like you are really in the 80s time, tell your invitees to wear an 80s attire- headbands, leggings and all the colorful clothes symbolic of the 80s era. Let your 50th birthday party bring you back to the 80s and enjoy what it feels like to be in your younger years again.

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5 Ways to a Unique 50th Birthday Celeb

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Make your 50th birthday extra special by making it unique. Reaching your ‘golden’ year is indeed a milestone and therefore you shall celebrate it with all your loved ones- family members, friends and your colleagues at work.
Plan out your 50th birthday celebration early so that you will have ample time for preparation and to accommodate changes if there are any. Here are five (5) ways to a unique 50th birthday celebration. Read on, learn and enjoy:


• Pick out a one-of-a-kind theme. If you were not able to have a grandiose themed celebration during your 18th birthday, now is your time to have a debut-like 50th birthday. The theme depends on your preference of course. It could be based from your favorite movie, era, etc.

• Select the most excellent food caterer. Parties will not be complete with great foods to share. If you want to be assured that you will have the tastiest, mouthwatering foods during your party, is the best food caterer for your birthday event. Their years of experience catering different kinds of birthdays made them one of the most trusted and sought-after food caterers in Australia.

• Have an open bar. Guests love to converse over drinks. The party attendees will certainly enjoy free-flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during events.

• Have a brief yet very substantive and entertaining program. To add color to your party, a program is really a must. Perhaps your program may include a short, heartwarming message from a loved one, slideshow presentations, and great musical entertainment. A witty host is also a key to a great program.

• Give your birthday party a twist. It is up to you what kind of ‘twist’ you want to have. Spice-up your party and make it worth remembering.

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Texas Cowboy-Themed Party for your Dad’s 50th

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Give your Dad his well-deserved birthday present by organizing a party for him. Think of a masculine theme that will be perfect for your Dad, and of course, his guests, who will be mostly gentlemen. How about a cowboy-themed party? That will be perfect! The guys will be in suspenders and cowboy hats and the women in sexy cowgirl outfits.
To have a successful party, you have to secure the perfect venue for the party considering its theme. Perhaps you can hire an event decorator to transform your chosen location into a Texas cowboy setting fit for the theme.

cowboy themed

If you have already secured the place, proceed to the food. The best caterer to give you the best and the most scrumptious dishes for your Dad’s 50th birthday party is none other than If you are unsure yet of what foods to serve, it will be much to the delight of the food caterer to help select the perfect menu. For a Texas Cowboy-themed birthday party, it will be great to have grilled and barbecued dishes to match the theme.

The food caterer has four different sub-menus under their Barbecue Menu. You can either to choose one sub-menu or choose different dishes under each of the 4 sub-menus. They have BB1: Budget Barbecue; BB2: Premium Barbecue; BB3: All You Can Eat Barbecue; and BB4: The Gourmet Barbecue.

Among the four sub-menus, the Gourmet Barbecue is actually the best choice. It includes chicken kebabs, vegetarian burgers, unlimited seasoned burgers, marinated lamb chops, Scotch fillets, Cajun and Kranski, garlic, herb, satay, mixed gourmet sausages, fresh salads and fresh tropical fruits to for a healthy conclusion.

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Reunion Galore

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Reunion is one of the happiest occasions especially if you did not see each other for a very long time. If you are tasked to organize the reunion, you have got to make every single detail flawless because the least that you would want is to ruin it by having a bad venue or worse, bad food.

dinner party

One of the first things that you have to focus on is the venue. How many guests will there be? Before finding a perfect location for the venue, you have to come up with a rough estimate of the number of attendees. By doing this, you will know how much space do you need to accommodate the number of guests. Second, when choosing a venue, it has to be spacious so that everybody will be comfortable and will feel free to move around. Remember, this is a reunion so everyone will be moving around from one place to another to meet and greet with all the people in the party.

In addition to the venue, you have to have a very good program. And what constitutes a good program? A witty host! Yep, this is one way to engage the attendees in the program. A spontaneous host will never let anyone sleep during the program. Make sure that the content of the program will not be too dragging for the guests. A few, short and engaging speeches will do plus some fun games.

The last but not the least- actually this one will either make or break the party- FOOD. It is difficult to fail on this one. Everybody will be looking forward to the dishes that will be served in the party. Imagine the expression and comments of the guests if the foods are awful? Such a terrible sight. To prevent this from happening, a great food caterer from is the solution. These food caterers are seasoned in the business and they definitely know what foods are appropriate for a certain kind of party. And in terms of quality? No question about it.

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