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3 Tips for Organizing your Husband’s 40th B-day

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Surprise your husband by organizing a secret birthday party to mark his 40th birthday. It may not be easy to plan out a ‘surprise’ party but you will certainly enjoy the process, and all the hard work you did will pay off the moment you will see that ‘surprised and happy’ look on your husband’s face to see all his loved ones gathered in one place to celebrate his red-letter day.

40th birthday

Here are three friendly tips to make your surprise birthday planning a thunderous success:

• Choose the invitees carefully- those persons you know who are very dear to your husband. Sent then invitations secretly and please do not forget to inform them that it is a surprise birthday party. The least that you would like to happen is for somebody to spill out to your husband that he or she is invited to his 40th birthday.

• Pick out the best food caterer. One of the greatest secrets to have a successful event is the food. The most competent and well-reputed food catering service providers is none other than You do not want to spoil the entire surprise birthday party preparation by serving bland and distasteful foods to your guests. Having bad foods during a party is a mortal sin. Hence, you have got to get the best food caterer in the entire Australia.

• Select a great location for the party. Pick out a place that is important to your husband or perhaps a place he likes to hangout most of the time.

Fabulous Forty

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Turning forty soon? Mark your special day by hosting a quiet dinner party with your family members and closest friends.

There are many ways to celebrate your birthday. It can be peppered with pomp and grandeur or just a very simple get together with your loved ones. Whatever kind of party you prefer for your birthday, there is one very important thing you have to make sure of, and that is serving the most excellent food dishes.

Serving quality foods (good quality when it comes to taste and appearance) is a sign of politeness to your guests. What would the attendees of your dinner party feel if they are being served with bland or bad-tasting foods? As a host, you will be delighted to see your guests really enjoying the foods and complement you for serving such mouthwatering dishes from the appetizers to desserts.

There are a lot of excellent food caterers all over Australia but when it comes to birthdays, trust only They have a wide selection of menus to choose from- Barbecue menu, spit roast menu, cold platters, hot platters and finger food. Each menu has sub categories as well. For instance, the spit roast menu has: (1) beef and chicken party; (2) beef, lamb & pork party; (3) the works; and (4) deluxe surf and turf buffet.

If you want a simple get-together, perhaps you can have ‘The Works’ from the Spit Roast Menu. It includes Starters: cheese, cabanossi, dips, biscuits and other finger foods; Main: roast chicken pieces, boneless legs of pork with apple sauce, continental bread rolls and butter, and you can choose 4 freshly prepared salad. And to healthily end the meal, you will have a platter of fresh tropical fruits.

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