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Oscars-Themed Debut Party

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Most girls really look forward to the day they turn 18 because there are a lot of things that they are already allowed to do after turning 18 like probably they can have a boyfriend or they can have their own car and a lot of other perks.

18th birthday party

Focusing on your upcoming 18th birthday, here are some of the general things you have to take note (either written or mental note will do):

• Theme: what theme do you like to have? How about the Oscar’s? If you have this theme, you can let everyone wear whatever kind of gown and or suits they like as long as they are ‘red carpet-worthy’. Maybe you can have Oscar trophy-like as your giveaways as well.

• Catering: Since your debut will be a grand party with all the women in elegant gowns and the dashing gentlemen in their tux, it would be more fitting to have a formal, sit-down birthday catering. Don’t worry, we have experts to this. offers a wide selection of menus to choose from. As for your party, you can have the Deluxe Surf and Turf Buffet from the Spit Roast Menu. The selection contains chicken, pork and beef meat; sea foods, fresh salads and a lot more.

• Venue and the Venue Embellishments– Choose a venue- anywhere you like. Whether your party will be in Perth, Sydney or Brisbane of any parts of Australia, the birthday caterer will definitely not mind. In addition, with regards to the decors, have simple adornments on the entire place and do not overdo it. Keep it simple yet classy.

Opera-Themed Debut

Friday, June 27th, 2014

For a girl who is about to turn the glorious age of 18 years old, planning for her debut will temporarily be her world. Although not all girls are so much into having an 18th birthday party filled with pomp and grandeur, there are really some who would want to be formally introduced to the social world.

Planning for a debut requires time – a long time to prepare for that matter. Some would have it 6 months before while there are those who would prepare for it for a year just like the planning and preparation time for a wedding.

18th birthday party

If your debut is a year or 6 months from now, you have got to start your planning because days pass by so quickly that the next thing you will know, you are just a month away from your birthday. Begin your planning with your party theme. There are actually a lot of themes to choose from but if you want to have something classic, opt for an opera-themed debut party.

opera-themed party
In an opera-themed debut, you and all the attendees shall come in costume like those of the characters in an opera. Wouldn’t it be nice to be like those actors and actresses in the theatre gorgeously dressed in the wardrobe of the previous century? Feel like a Victorian or Edwardian lady in those costumes.

After you have finalized that the theme of your debut will be Opera/Theatre, the next thing on your list shall be the food caterer. When you choose a food catering service provider, make sure that you select the best one from the website. Finally, when you have made up your mind about the party caterer, discuss with them about the dishes that are appropriate to serve for an opera-themed debut. The seasoned food caterer is surely well-versed when it comes to drafting a menu fit for the party. The food caterer serves in all the suburbs in Sydney so don’t worry, they are not picky when it comes to places to serve.