Sydney’s Best Tea Houses

Seldom do we find ‘tea persons’ in this world because majority of us have a stronger affection towards coffee than tea. Maybe it’s because of the caffeine content that makes us have a more sustained attention and alertness or perhaps it has something to do with the so-called ‘coffee taste’ Whatever it is, we don’t know but those tea lovers are the unique ones. And probably they will be the happiest of all to know the best tea houses when they are in Sydney.

tea houses

Whether you like the classic hot teas, milk teas or the newly-evolved bubble teas, here is a list of the top tea houses in Sydney”

• The Tea Room. The Tea Room serves the traditional hot tea but they’ve got a broad selection of different kinds of teas your taste buds haven’t encountered yet. You may bring home too if you wish but of course you’ll have to pay for it. Their classic teas are best paired with their sweets like their cute cakes and chocolates or their finger sandwiches.

• Ten Ren Cha. If you prefer Asian style teas, then Ten Ren Cha is the tea house for you. You will also have a good taste of all their delicious Asian-inspired snacks to couple with your tea.

• Easy Way Tea. Bubble tea is a great evolution in the world of teas. Instead of the hot, plain and almost-bland ones, bubble teas are the complete opposite. They’re cold, milky, creamy, and sweet and the twist? Pearls at the bottom. The younger generations will enjoy more bubble teas here at Easy Way Tea.

• Kopitiam. Aside from the mouth watering Malaysian dishes and coffee they they are primarily known for, Kopitiam also offers a lot of great-tasting eccentric teas to choose from.

• Harrogate Tea Shop and Tea Rooms. Feel the great Victorian ambiance of Harrogate while taking a sip of your hot tea served Victorian-style tea cups too. If you can’t get over with their tea, you may take a look at downstairs and entertain yourself with a large selection of teas you may buy and take home.

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