Sydney’s Best Sandwiches: Where to Get Them

There have been several occasions where we hear people say that we live only once. And because we are only given one opportunity to pass through this so called life then we must give ourselves the best opportunities, the finest way of living, the happiest moments as well as the best food.


In Sydney, Australia, you will not have a hard time in giving yourself the best that this life can offer. As they say, it you make the most of life, once is enough. The finest varieties of food servings are in Sydney thus it would be worthy to pay this lively city a visit once in a while.

Where can we find the best sandwiches in Sydney? What are the sandwiches made of? Find out.

Salt Beef Sandwich at Room 10. If you are a certified beef lover then the famous salt beef sandwich from Room 10 will be a good option for you in Sydney. Room 10 is not a very big place but you can have your yummy salt beef sandwich there with aromatic coffee. They also have a very nice menu at very affordable prices.

Lunchtime Sandwich at City Edge. At City Edge, you will never run out of choices for very cheap but yummy lunchtime sandwiches. You can either have a think sandwich stuffed with vegetable salads or other wrap varieties.

Schnitzel at Malibu. Malibu is simply amazing because they will give you any sandwich of your choice. You can either have chicken, roasted beef, ham, salad, cheese or an overload of pickles! The bread is also very large that you might need a bread knife to deal with it competently! You can choose from white bread or its brown counterpart.

Finger Sandwiches at Palings Kitchen Bar. The finger sandwiches can be perfect for any picnic or tea party. Inside it are perfectly prepared pork strips with mayonnaise and a lot of pickles!

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Parties in Sydney will never be complete without sandwiches. No wonder why even the best Sydney caterers never forget to include them in their menus. Sandwiches are great to fill in some hungry spots. Grab one now from these restaurants – or make your own. What do you think?


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