Summer Chillin’ at Sydney’s Best Cafes

Cafes saturate the world. Wherever you go, you can always find a café somewhere in the road serving light meals and coffee. Why have cafes become so famous? Perhaps it is because cafes are comfort places. Students love to do their project-making and studying here; professionals would come here to do some of their paperwork and relax a bit; and old people do much of their readings in a café.


Coffee bars are places that can calm you down despite the stress building up in you; hence it is the place everybody rushes to. Or even in your non-stressful days, you still go to a café to chill out especially in seasons where there is no so much strain, like summer.

What are the best cafes to hang out and be idle even just for a couple of hours during summer in Sydney? Here are the top 3 best cafes in Australia’s capital:

Paramount Coffee Project

The filter bar that adorns the café is an area you can be gladly seated. While you read your papers or open your laptops and other gadgets, someone is making your coffee in front of you. Feels just like home, right? And oh, their waffles are a must-try!

West Juliett

Even if you have to wait for a little while when the tables are all occupied, it’s all worth it. West Juliett gets their eggs and other mainstay ingredients from a farmer in Wyong. They too make their own yoghurt which makes their blends unique and tasteful. Make sure you will never leave West Juliett without eating their heavenly chocolate-chip cookies.


Excelsior Jones

One word for Excelsior Jones: MILKSHAKE. Yes, from the common milkshake flavor like choco or vanilla to the ‘a little weird’ one like lime, you can get them all here. And they all taste excellent! You shall not miss their mini pan cakes as well topped with decadent strawberries.

It’s really very refreshing to take a sip of your favorite cold coffee in the hot summer day. Also, it is a great season to hold a fun party outdoor with mouthwatering barbecues and spitroast. Don’t want to sweat out? You can order these sumptuous spitroasts from Southern Sydney Spit Roast Catering

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