Some Delicious Menus to Celebrate a Special Day for American Relatives and Guests

Although Thanksgiving Day in Australia has a different meaning and held not on the same day as the America, it does not mean that you should not celebrate this important event. This is especially true if you have American friends and relatives in Australia.

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner can be a special occasion of the year where families gather over dinner to share the same food, stories, laughter and the joyous occasion as a whole. On this end, it will be worthy to have an all set plan with some touch of American traditional Thanksgiving Day menus.

Here are some recommended menus for your Thanksgiving dinner:

Roasted turkey. The traditional roasted turkey should never be missing in your dinner table or else it will be a little bit lonely. If you are skilled in food preparation then you can roast the turkey by yourself. But if you are not inclined towards cooking then you can buy roasted turkeys from your favorite restaurants and caterers.


Macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese can be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. It can also be a great especially if you have kids at home.

Apple Pies. Some sweet apple pies will equally complement your dinner table. Apple pies are also considered as a traditional Thanksgiving menu. The oldies as well as the little ones will love to have it.

Holiday Bacon Appetizers. Bacons are good appetizers, do you agree? Have it in your dinner table and expect a sumptuous meal for everybody.

Carrots. Sautéed carrots can be another favorite traditional thanksgiving dinner recipe. Put in some yummy sauce over boiled carrots and you have an instant healthy meal on your table.

Mashed Potatoes. Mashed potatoes will be best when partnered with roasted turkey. Add up some salt and your mashed potatoes will be ready. An easy to do meal yet very yummy! Truly, a must have in your table.

Wine. Your dinner will not be complete without a bottle of wine. If you do not favor wine, then you can have some fresh juice as an alternative. Fresh cranberry cosmos will be great!

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