Smokin’ Hot 25th Barbecue Birthday Party

Celebrate your 25th birthday not the conventional way like dressed chairs and tables, all the classic centerpieces, waiters and waitresses serving the food and the glamorous tux and dresses worn by the guests. How about a barbecue party by the beach? It sounds more casual and fun, doesn’t it? can give you the most delicious, grilled to perfection barbecues.


Birthday Catering has four (4) sub-menus for their Barbecue table d’hôte. These are (1) Budget Barbecue; (2) Premium Barbecue; (3) All You Can Eat Barbecue; and (5) The Gourmet Barbecue. If you have quite a big number of guests, then you may opt for All You Can Eat Barbecue and or The Gourmet Barbecue but the latter has more compared to the former.

The All You Can Eat Barbecue menu consists of: meal selections like marinated Scotch fillets, T-bone, and lamb chops; seasoned burgers; gourmet sausage- Satay, Herb, Garlic, Kranski, Cajun; chicken kebabs; and if in case you have vegan guests, the menu also includes vegetarian burgers and 4 choices of freshly prepared salad greens. And of course, to top off your mouthwatering all-barbecue meal, you and your guests will have a platter of fresh tropical fruits for dessert.

Good food and good company will certainly be enough to make your 25th birthday party worth remembering. As long as you have the best food caterer to prepare and serve the best foods, that will be more than enough. Have a blast on your red letter day!

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