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Chocolate lovers will surely take pleasure the moment they lay eyes on the wide selection of chocolates in Sydney’s best choc stores. Those who do not have sweet tooth and therefore are not so much into chocolaty stuff, are not exempted from going into the town’s premier choc shop because you never know. Maybe after you have tasted all their delightful sweets, you will instantly turn into a chocolate aficionado before you leave Sydney.

Chocolate shops

Take your pick from Sydney’s top chocolate boutiques.

Lindt Chocolat Café. The fine texture and authentic chocolate taste are what make Lindt’s one of the famous brands of chocolate in the world. Wait until you set foot at Lindt Chocolat Café where your eyes will feast on the many chocolate selections you will see. Don’t forget to bring with you their hand-crafted slabs of dark chocolate which are filled with macadamia nuts. It’s heaven of all heavens!

Belle Fleur. Belle Fleur’s raspberry cream and peach-filled chocolate cups are to die for! Also try their tea chocolates and bring home their Cointreau and Melba chocolates to pay your respects to Dame Nellie Melba who inspired the making of the Melba chocs.

Kakawa. One of the finest chocolate shops in Sydney, Kakawa is where chocolates are also made. In short, it doesn’t only serve as a choc boutique but a chocolate factory as well. Everywhere you look at, there are edible chocolates you can grab and eat. But of course you will have to pay for them. They’ve got CD covers with eatable choco discs inside. Open up their freezers and you will take delight seeing their ice cream sandwiches. Don’t forget to eat their flavored caramel housed in giant jars too.

chocolate shop 2

Boon. Every chocolate shop in Sydney has its own specialty. Well, Boon has a unique one. Here you can find handbags made of chocolate and of course, you may eat them. Their choco handbag is actually named after a Filipino type of singing usually made by men to court girls by playing their guitar while singing. It’s called Harana, and so the edible choco handbag is called the Harana bag.

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