Setting a Trend on Your 21st Birthday Party in Sydney

Fed up of the traditional birthday parties in Sydney? Why not set your own trend on your 21st birthday? After all, it is a very special day because you will be stepping in the world of adulthood. This means it’s legal to party harder. However, you must not forget that aside from the beverages, you need to allocate budget for the food catering as well.

Here are some unique ideas you might want to try on your 21st birthday.

• Role Playing: Guests as Bartenders


Of course you can always hire bartenders. Many caterers in Sydney offer their services from food to waiters and bartenders. However, isn’t it more fun if you allow your friends to mix their own drinks? Try setting up a bar where there are different kinds of beverages displayed. Add up some fruit juices like pineapple and cranberry so they can come up with a bubbly drink.

You may also serve some fresh fruit cuts. Doing so allows your guests to concoct their own cocktails that soothe their taste buds. Although this idea can be costly, you can ensure that everyone will enjoy it.

• Cuisines from Around the World

Another perfect, exciting and definitely unique idea on your 21st birthday party in Sydney is to have your guests taste food from around the world in just one sitting. Each serving doesn’t have to come in large portions. Small yet assorted options can suffice. With this, your guests will have plenty of food to choose from and taste each of them in small portions.

Talk to your caterers on what menus they have that comes from around the world. With this, you can guarantee that your guests will have an everlasting impression of your party.

• Go Organic


If you are a health conscious person, going organic on your 21st birthday is also a good idea. This means you serve all-organic and healthy food such as vegetables, chicken and other lean mean. Great thing that there are lots of organic wines available today which you can serve at the party. Be sure though that your guests are as health conscious as you. Also, hire caterers in Sydney who can turn veggies and organic alternatives into delightful dish that even the meat-eaters would love.


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