Secrets to a Mouth-Watering Spit Roast Revealed

Spit roast is one of the most favourite foods on the table in every party whether it is just a small get together or a huge event.

Spit Roast catering for corporate events

Finding the best caterers on Adelaide who could provide a superb and flavour-rich serve of spit roast can be challenging though. This is especially true when you are too pre-occupied with the other party details that you forgot to include spit roast in your booking for a catering service.

Fortunately, there are party caterers in Adelaide who can accommodate you even with last minute spit roast booking. All Suburbs Catering tops the list.

So, what’s their secret to having a perfectly cooked spit roast? Caterers won’t surely tell you. Well, aside from the experts doing the cooking, here are the other secrets you must know to achieve the flavour, crisp and sinful spit roast meal.


Whether you want a whole roast pig or just one cut, make sure you get it only from a reliable seller such as the ones you can get from a pork purveyor in the farmer’s market. The tastiest pork meat comes from farms where pigs are fed with organic diet. They are always the best.


Of course, you can always use your electric or gas-powered cooking stove at home if you want. However, a flavourful spit roast can only be achieved when cooked over hot coal in a rotisserie spit. With this, you can make sure that the meat is evenly cooked.


If you opt for an electric-powered spit, it is a smart decision as well specifically for the first-time roasters. One greatest secret is to cook the meat with indirect heat. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the crisp skin that melts in your mouth.

While slowly rotating the meat over the spit, you may rub some salt for flavour plus a thick coat of vegetable shortening or lard.


Before serving, cover the meat with aluminium foil. Then, cut the meat slowly separating the thick crispy skin for appetizer. You may add pinches of salt and pepper for added taste.

01 - Spit roasted lamb

However, if you don’t have the time, the energy and materials to do the spit roast on your own, why not hire a spit roast caterer in Adelaide instead? They can do all these tedious tasks for you. No sweat and no messy stuff – just the sumptuous, juicy and tender spit roast served in front of you, ready to eat.

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