Sandwiches & Box Lunches Popular With Finger Food Caterers

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Sandwiches and working lunches
Suggested sandwiches
Ribbon sandwiches no crust
Pinwheel sandwiches
Served on white and brown bread

Minimum amounts 15 people – $10 per person
* Egg mayonnaise with chive.
* Champagne leg ham shaved with cheese and tomato
* Chicken mayonnaise with avocado
* Smoked salmon cream cheese and tomato
* Chicken, celery and almond
* Tuna, shallot and alfalfa
* Tomato, basil and cherry bocconcini
* Duck confit and blueberry chutney
* Turkey, cranberry and brie
* Hungarian salami and swiss cheese with pickle.

Basic sandwich fillings
A daily selection of sandwiches made on white or brown sliced bread,

Turkish bread, wholemeal or white damper rolls, on wrap bread, baguettes, foccacia, bagels or mini rolls.
Minimum amounts 20 people – $10 per person
* Herb marinated chicken breast, with avocado, tomato, salad and mayonnaise.
* Salad sandwich, tomato, alfalfa, sprouts, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, beetroot and mayo
* Smoked ham, sliced tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
* Roast beef, caramelised onion, tomato, salad, mayonnaise.
* Tuna salad with shallot, corn, tomato and cucumber.
* Roasted vegetable sandwich with hummus tomato and salad.
* Turkey, avocado, brie, cranberry and salad.

Gourmet sandwich fillings
Minimum amounts 20 people $12- per person

A selection of fresh gourmet fillings, all orders for gourmet selections
Need 48hrs to assure availability. Gourmet sandwiches made on white or brown sliced bread,
Turkish bread, wholemeal or white damper rolls, on wrap bread, baguettes, foccacia, bagels or mini rolls.
* Leg ham with Clover Creek brie with semi-dried tomato, salad greens and lemon mustard mayonnaise.
* Tuna, , with shaved cucumber, Spanish onion, sumac, roasted capsicum, wild rocket and tomato.
* Smoked “A grade” salmon, baby capers, cream cheese, shallots, shaved cucumber and baby spinach.
* Herb chicken, fresh herb marinated chicken breast with sweet chilli mayonnaise, avocado, tomato and salad.
* Smoked chicken, shaved parmesan, watercress, mild Tabasco dressing and salad.
* Cajun chicken, with sweet corn, cherry tomato and celery salsa, with shaved cucumber and baby spinach.
* Italian corned beef, with homemade mustard pickles, swiss cheese and salad.
* Peppered roast beef with tapenade, wild rocket, blue cheese dressing and salad.
* Roasted charred vegetables with salad marinated fetta, wild rocket and hummus.
* Salad roll with shaved cucumber, carrot, salad greens, tomato, avocado and pinenut mayonnaise.
* Grilled chorizo with baby spinach, roasted roma tomato, grilled haloumi cheese and tapenade.
* Shaved prosciutto with baby bocconcini, fresh basil, sliced roma tomato, mescalin and dressing.
* BBQ Duck shredded with shallots, salad greens and pickled ginger mayo.
* Prawn and lemon pepper with avocado mayonnaise, shaved cucumber, tomato and salad.
* Button mushroom roasted in tapenade, with wild rocket and cous cous salad, and hummus.
* Turkey, roasted breast with cranberry, avocado, brie and salad
* Pork, baked pork loin in lemon and sage with watercress, roasted apple and mayonnaise.
* Salami, Hungarian salami with semi dried tomato, Swiss cheese, salad and pesto.
* Tandoori Chicken, with mango chutney, lettuce, minted shaved cucumber and radish.
* BBQ pork, with lettuce, shallots, tomato, coriander and hoisen sauce
* Morrocan lamb, with lettuce parsley, minted yoghurt and salad.
* Falafel, with roasted pumpkin, grilled haloumi, salad and tzatiki.
* Roasted baby beetroot with avocado with pesto and

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