Restaurants Replacing Menu with iPad

The world is so exquisitely modernized that even restaurants go very techie already. Australia is one of the countries in the world who pioneered the use of iPads to supersede the paper-based menus. Isn’t it such a great dining experience for customers to make ordering even easier with all the visuals of the foods and beverages they will order?

iPad menus

The following are the top three Aussie restaurants with tablet menus

• Global Mundo Tapas. The internationally famous Global Mundo Tapas restaurant located in North Sydney Rydges Hotel is actually the first to change the traditional paper menus with iPads in 2010. Here in Global Mundo Tapas, the waiter or the waitress does not have to take the orders of the customers because the diners themselves can place their orders directly to the kitchen with just a mere touch on what they want to eat. In addition, if the customer does not know what to order to yet, the iPad menu can give suggestions of food and drink combination depending on the current climate or mood of the diner. Truly high-tech, isn’t it?

Pearl Restaurant. A week after the Global Mundo Tapas launched its iPad menus, the Pearl restaurant followed. There are some kinds of differences, however, between the two big Aussie restos who pioneered the use of iPad. With Pearl restaurant, the diners will still need the waiters or waitresses to take their orders. So the question is: What are they going to do with the iPad menus if they can’t place their orders directly to the kitchen? Well of course the high-tech menus will have an image of the foods and they don’t have to ask the waiters/waitresses anything about the food and wine because even the tiniest detail about it is placed there. They just have to enjoy reading on trivia regarding the dish they are about to eat.

iPad Menus 2

• Maedaya. The Japanese restaurant in Richmond which is famously known for its freshness and quality taste also switched to the techie type of ordering system with the aid of the iPad. One sweep of your finger and all you have to do is wait on for your mouth-watering Jap dishes to reach the table, through the waiters and waitresses, of course.

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