Questions to ask your Caterer

If you need a caterer of your wedding or even any event its essential that you find the right catering company which will cater for all your needs. They will need to provide the cuisine, great food presentation and the overall ambiance you want to set. We have made a guide for you for questions to ask any prospective caterer:

  1. Does your company specialise in a certain type of food? This can be important if you have anything specific in mind so that you get a caterer which has experience in that area. They should be able to provide you with sample menus to look over to help you make your selections.
  2. What’s your price range? Check if the food prices are itemized depending on the food you choose or is it an all-inclusive rate. Also, ask if the cost includes gratuity, taxes or other additional costs?
  3. Do you provide table linens, silverware, chairs, tableware, etc for the event? See if they provide those non-food items. If they don’t can they make the arrangements for rentals. If they provide them, ask to see them beforehand to ensure they are acceptable as they are.
  4. Who will be your main contact? Ask if the person you work with throughout the planning will be who will oversee meal service on the day of your event (this should be the case).
  5. Will you be required handle the table settings? Check if the catering company will set up the place settings and place name cards etc. or if you are in charge of doing this.
  6. Do you provide wait staff? Whatever the event, find out how many wait staff they recommend for an event of your size. Most reputable caterers will use their own wait staff even if the site has serving personnel available.
  7. Where will the food be provided? Is there on-site facilities or will the caterer need to make additional arrangements? Find out if there is an additional fee if the caterer is required to bring their own equipment.
  8. Do you have a valid license and proper insurance? A license ensures the catering company has met health department standards and has liability insurance which protects you in case of an accident. Ask if it includes a liquor license from the state if you plan on serving alcohol.
  9. Do you provide drinks? If you want drinks for your wedding contact they will make certain every aspect of your event is covered from drinks on arrival to ensuring champagne glasses are filled for toasts and speeches. They are the only beverage wedding caterer recognised and accredited by the Australian Bridal Service who run Australia’s largest wedding exhibition and directory service!!!
  10. Can you arrange a tasting? If you get a good vibe from the caterer you are meeting with, schedule a tasting to sample their cuisine this will give you that extra confidence to look forward to your big day.

Checkout Mr Fingerfood for great finger food catering for your event. Ask them the questions and make your wedding a great success!!

Finally, good luck and best wishes for the future.

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