Promotional Food From Sydney Party Food Specialist

To increase your sales we have designed a promotion we have tried, tested and now perfected over the last 12 years.

It’s a simple but effective way of getting customers to come and view your product in a relaxed atmosphere giving you the chance to explain the benefits of buying your product. for   bbq or spit roast   or finger food    

a great way to promote any event  we have done 100s of these functions call for free advice   029896-6006

We have adapted this method to a few different products but the easiest way to explain how it works is with vehicle sales.

Every car sales showroom has a customer database of previous customers that have bought vehicles in the past and if you have a service garage the database is even bigger.

Send out VIP invitations to your database of customers inviting them to a summer barbecue at the showroom, the promotion could be the launch of a new vehicle, stock clearance or a new registration plate for example.
This will give your sales team time to speak to the customer, find out what they are intending to buy in the future and get them to at leased take a test drive in the vehicle they are wanting.

Invitations could also be extended to local business owners and managers, members of the press and your business suppliers because even if you don’t sell one vehicle inviting these people will create a good word of mouth.

Previously we have catered for over fifty promotional events and 95% of the promotions have been a success, we believe that using our barbecue catering serves can help you to sell more of your product better than the more traditional ways of advertising due to a few factors:
It’s a different approach to lets say radio advertising
A new way of communicating with your customer in a relaxed atmosphere
It’s cheap the average total cost of the promotion is around $1000
It gives your sales team a chance to talk directly to the customers and they love you for it

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