Planning a 21st birthday party?

birthday party food Most of us have been a 21st birthday party at some point, whether an organiser or a guest. These celebrations are typically notable for their energetic dancefloors, special effect lighting, entertainment and a lively bar!

Complete Events are often approached by clients who want to host a 21st for their children, but might not have the confidence to do this in their own home due to the fears of their property being damaged.

Also, a family home does not usually offer the atmosphere of a night club or a style that they might want. We understand what is important for a successful party. Consequently it is crucially important that the available budget is spent wisely on those elements of the party where it will be most appreciated.

So for any party you will need to think about catering. With all that drinking it is crucial that the catering is thought of to avoid people getting too drunk on an empty stomach.

Mr Fingerfood offer some great party boxes:

“The entertainer”
10 items – $14.95 per guest
Minimum 30 guests- $448.50
Just add $14.95 per guest for extra guests

  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Mini beef pies
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Cocktail chicken dim sims
  • Mini pizza ham and pineapple /supreme
  • Grilled meatballs
  • Bite size chicken drums
  • Crispy fish cocktails
  • Filo hot dogs
  • Mixed volavants

Some Ideas…

  • Invitations: A good invitation, classy but fun, sets the scene for a successful party.
  • Chill-Out Zones: Quieter areas with soft furnishings are very popular so that you can sit and socialise.
  • Entertainers: Bands, Magicians, look-a-like are excellent ice-breakers to get the party started.
  • Party Glow Bar: How about getting a party glow bar for your event to cover beverage catering checkout ontapbeverage.

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