3 Tips for Organizing your Husband’s 40th B-day

September 16th, 2014

Surprise your husband by organizing a secret birthday party to mark his 40th birthday. It may not be easy to plan out a ‘surprise’ party but you will certainly enjoy the process, and all the hard work you did will pay off the moment you will see that ‘surprised and happy’ look on your husband’s face to see all his loved ones gathered in one place to celebrate his red-letter day.

40th birthday

Here are three friendly tips to make your surprise birthday planning a thunderous success:

• Choose the invitees carefully- those persons you know who are very dear to your husband. Sent then invitations secretly and please do not forget to inform them that it is a surprise birthday party. The least that you would like to happen is for somebody to spill out to your husband that he or she is invited to his 40th birthday.

• Pick out the best food caterer. One of the greatest secrets to have a successful event is the food. The most competent and well-reputed food catering service providers is none other than www.birthdaycatering.com.au. You do not want to spoil the entire surprise birthday party preparation by serving bland and distasteful foods to your guests. Having bad foods during a party is a mortal sin. Hence, you have got to get the best food caterer in the entire Australia.

• Select a great location for the party. Pick out a place that is important to your husband or perhaps a place he likes to hangout most of the time.

Videoke Party for your 40th Birthday

September 15th, 2014


If you love to sing (even if singing does not want you back, figuratively), throw a videoke party in celebration of your 40th birthday. There are a lot of videoke function rooms for rent these days. Planning for a videoke party is not at all stressful. All you have got to do is rent a videoke room, depending on the number of your guests and of course, find a competent and a reliable food catering service provider to take responsibility for the foods that you want to serve on your red-letter day.

One of the most recommended birthday caterers is www.birthdaycatering.com.au. They have got four main menus for you to choose from: (1) spit roast menu; (2) barbecue menu; (3) finger food menu; and (4) hot and cold platter menu. Under each main menu are sub-menus. You can either select one sub-menu from each or combine the foods that you want coming from the different menus. You can actually lay down all that you wish to eat and serve on your birthday with your caterer and they will certainly handle that professionally. All you have to do is enjoy your party and they will take care of everything concerning food.

In whatever kind of event, be it a mini gathering or a big and grandiose celebration, there is only one thing that you have to make sure of: serve your guests with the most excellent foods because they deserve it. Wouldn’t you want to see their happy faces and listen to their positive feedback about your foods? Of course you do!

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Organizing a Kids’ Party at School

September 12th, 2014

kid's party

Your child will definitely love the idea of having his 8th birthday in school with his teacher and classmates. Perhaps he had more than enough of all the themed birthday parties at home for several years and the idea of having his 8th birthday in school is just thrilling to him. How do you go about the planning of a school party? Of course you have got to ask permission from the school administration first and once approved, you can talk to your son’s teacher to have the simple birthday party during the kids’ break time.

With regards to the food, you do not have to worry as long as www.birthdaycatering.com.au is there. The expert food caterer can deliver the best foods for your child’s school party in any Australian suburb. When it comes to the quality of food in terms of appearance and taste, you will not have any problems. There is one thing you have got to make sure when you are choosing the foods for the school party and that is to be certain that the foods are ‘child-friendly’. It simply means that these foods must be attractive to the kids, and of course, they must be tasty as above all.

If you do not want to stress yourself about the menu for the school party, you can always give that responsibility to your chosen food catering service provider. They are experts in catering and planning out a menu is just easy as A-B-C to them. The secret to all successful party lies in the food caterer.

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Hawaiian-Inspired Debut

September 11th, 2014

‘Aloha’ party for your 18th birthday is a brilliant theme actually. It is far from the usual formal, all pink and roses-filled debuts that we would usually see and witness. Give your 18th party a twist that will make it even more unforgettable. Hawaiian-inspired debut will be so refreshing and new. Instead of the usual formal debuts held within the four corners of a function hall, you will have your Hawaiian party on the beach. How cool is that? You and your guests will not wear cocktail dresses or evening gowns but ‘beach-y’ attire or the famous Hawaiian straw skirt and the necklaces made of sea shells and tropical flowers.

hawaiian party

Now, enough with the theme, venue and attire, let us move on to another very important part of every event- the food! Since you are having a Hawaiian-themed 18th birthday that will be held at a beach, the most appropriate food to serve are all the grilled stuff like barbecues- pork, chicken, meat, veggies , sausages, etc. Or can just actually make it as a part of your menu. The best food catering service provider for debuts and all kinds of birthday events is none other than www.birthdaycatering.com.au. They have got spit roast, barbecue, hot and cold platters and finger food menus for you to choose from.

Make your once-in-a-lifetime 18th birthday worth remembering by making it unique- having a one-of-a-kind theme (Hawaiian for this matter), great entertainment, overflowing drinks, and of course, all the good foods from your trusted food caterer.

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Cocktail Party to Mark your Golden Year

September 10th, 2014

cocktail party
Cocktail parties are symbolic of class and sophistication. Turning 50 years old soon? Hosting a cocktail party to mark your golden year seems to be a brilliant idea! You only turn 50 years old once and you have got to grab that chance (while you are still strong and able) to throw parties like this one. Your golden celebration is a perfect reason to gather all your loved ones- family members, friends and even colleagues at work.

In cocktail parties (actually, in all types of parties), foods and beverages are the ones that cannot be absent. www.birthdaycatering.com.au is one of the most well-established and trusted food catering service providers in Aussie. For many, many years they have served countless birthday events of all kinds. They never failed to deliver excellence in their catering job. If you want to have truly amazing food dishes- excellent presentation and exquisite taste, then the Birthday Caterer is the one to choose. You can select from their main menus: (1) spit roast menu, (2) barbecue menu, (3) hot and cold platters, and (4) finger food menu. You can also have your own menu by combining the food dishes coming from these for menus. Or maybe if you are not sure about the food combinations, you can always ask assistance from them.

Aside from the food, do not forget to have an open bar during your cocktail party. Your guests will certainly be grateful if you will do this. Have a blast on your 50th! Enjoy great people, great food and all the best drinks.

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Celebrating your Grandpa’s Centennial Year

September 9th, 2014

Reaching 100 years is definitely something that is worth celebrating. If your grandfather is turning 100 years old, do not let that pass. Plan out for a big party for your grandpa- it does not have to be really big and grand because at 100 years old, your grandfather will not appreciate grandeur. For the old people, all they want to see in their most important day like their 100th birthday are their family members and friends.


Even if it is just a simple get-together, the fact that you are all there to celebrate and be with your grandfather for his 100th year on earth is more than enough for him. But remember that there is one thing that should not be overlooked even if it will be just a simple gathering- food and drinks. Of course, these two are second in line when it comes to importance next to the celebrant. If you want to have the best foods, www.birthdaycatering.com.au is the one that you should call. The Birthday Caterer has been serving a myriad of birthday events over the past few years. The number of years of being in the food catering industry is more than enough to say that they are indeed one of the best.

You can choose from among their 4 main menus or you can combine the dishes from each sub-menu, depending on what you want. If you are tired of planning for the menu, you can entrust everything about the foods to them. They will be delighted to do the planning for you.

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Around-the-World-Themed Debut

September 8th, 2014

Debuts are one of the most exciting birthdays for a girl’s life (although not all girls are thrilled to celebrate their 18th birthday). If you are one of those ladies who have always wanted to have a debut party peppered with pomp and grandeur, begin your party planning as early as possible so that everything will be flawless come the day of your party.
around the world
You may begin your planning by thinking of a theme that interests you most. Think of something unique and not like the usual 18th birthday themes. An around-the-world theme would be a great idea. You can ask the attendees (thru the invitation) to wear something that is symbolic of a favorite country they have visited.

Moving forward with the planning, the foods that you will serve must also be different cuisines from around the world. Birthday Caterer is the most ideal food catering service provider to get. They have different menus for you to choose from and you can always customize your menu if you want. Tell them that you will have an around-the-world debut party and they can certainly help you create an appropriate menu. Their Asian finger food platter is to die for. Perhaps you can include this in your menu as well.

Food is one of the most important things that you should not overlook if you are organizing an event especially if it is as big and as important as an 18th birthday. Remember, the foods that you serve can either make or break your party.

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Ice Princess Party for your Girl’s 5th B-day

September 5th, 2014

Does your little girl, who will be turning 5 years old pretty soon, like Ice Princess? If yes then bingo! You already have a theme for her upcoming birthday.

Little girls from 3 to 7 years old are almost always attached to ‘princess’ characters. This is the reason why most children’s parties wherein the celebrant is a girl is themed as one of those Disney princesses. Now, that you have a theme, how do you go about with the planning?

ice princess

The first thing to consider is the place of the party. If the theme is Ice Princess, maybe you can rent a place and make it really look like the setting of the Ice Princess movie. This needs the decorating expertise of an event decorator. Second in the list is none other than the foods. In a kids’ party, you have got to remember that you will be serving children and adults. Hence, the foods should be both appealing to the adults and children. If you want your food planning to be stress-free, reach www.birthdaycatering.com.au and make them as your official birthday party caterer for your daughter’s 5th birthday party. They have catered to a myriad of birthdays over the years and they have established a reputable name in the food catering arena.

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Garden Respite Birthday Party

September 4th, 2014

Deciding to have a peaceful party for your 40th birthday is more than okay. Maybe you have had enough of the big and noisy parties in your younger years and now all you just want is to have a quiet gathering with all your loved ones including your closest friends.

40th garden birthday party

A garden respite birthday party is one of the most excellent suggestions if you want to be enveloped with tranquility on your 40th birthday. If you have spacious and attractive garden, you can use it as your venue. Have a big white canopy overhead the beautifully arranged long table with candles and floral centerpiece.

Having a small gathering is not an excuse not to get a good caterer. In parties- big and small, you always have to hire the best food caterer in town like www.birthdaycatering.com.au. Australia is home to many great food caterers and the Birthday Caterer is one of the best, catering events in all Australian suburbs.

If you do not want to exhaust yourself worrying about the food dishes you are going to serve, you can leave everything to your food caterer. Expert food caterers like the mentioned above certainly know the correct food combinations for a specific party. However, you still need to specify your personal preferences when it comes to foods. For always, food is one of the most important things in all events second to the reason of the celebration. Serve your guests with great foods because they definitely deserve it.

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Futuristic Theme for Your Debut

September 3rd, 2014

In finding a theme for your debut, you have got to squeeze out your creative juices to think of something out of the ordinary. Of course it should not be the all-baby pink motif or the princess-in-a-castle theme because that is cliché already. How about a ‘futuristic’ theme? Does not it sound so interesting? Sure it does!

futuristic birthday theme

In a futuristic theme, you can have your guests wear something that is symbolic of the future- how do they foresee fashion in the future? It is kind of a costume party actually. And as the debutante, of course, your outfit should stand out from all the rest and you can entrust that matter to your designer.

Aside from the theme and your costume, one of the most important things to make sure in all kinds of events is the food catering. For debuts and other birthday parties, www.birthdaycatering.com.auis the best caterer to contact. The birthday caterer has been specializing on birthday events all these years serving almost all parts of Australia even the farthest suburbs. When it comes to excellent food catering services, the aforementioned birthday caterer is one of most recommended.

They have menus for you to choose from. You may either choose one major menu or combine food dishes coming from each of the menus. It all depends on you. However, if you do not want to be stressed-out in making the menu for the party, you can just leave it to the expertise of the food caterer. All you have to do is to tell them what your party is going to be like and all the details they need.

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