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Hit Double Bay, Sydney this April 10 for all the great organic treats you may find. From the beautiful and blossoming bunch of flowers to freshly picked vegetables from the farm, you are assured that you are getting the organic ones.


A lot of people have switched to organic since almost everybody knows the value of organic food and products in terms of health. Long term health benefits definitely await those who greatly adhere to organic foods.

Double Bay Organic Food Markets offer everyone an assortment of organic products.

One of the organic boutiques even offers handmade pasta, which is definitely made up wheat not treated with any chemical substances- all fresh, all organic.

organic pasta

In addition to a variety of organic products for sale in Double Bay, food enthusiasts will also enjoy two cafes that serve nothing but the best bread, pastries and beverages using all organic ingredients. First stop is the small shop and café combined, the Gourmandise de Paris, which is undoubtedly French.

Even though the French market café can be a very busy place most of the time, you can always find a spot to unwind and enjoy their delectable treats. Second is the Pastry Ninja, which, like Gourmandise de Paris, also has a lot to offer to the diners.

Make the most of your time in Double Bay, stroll around and visit every organic stall you will see. And most importantly, bring home good health to your family and loved ones by patronizing Australia’s organic products. Remember, in buying organic, you are not only helping your family members become healthy, you are helping the organic farmers in Australia as well. With this, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

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