Of Bridal Shower, Wedding, and Catering

Weddings……yes, these are the most demanding of all the occasions. Since the olden times, weddings are supposed to be with pomp and grandeur. And these days, weddings are expected to be more classy and elegant.


But oops, before the day of the wedding, the members of the wedding entourage are tasked to do the future groom and bride some favors before they finally tie the knot—the stag party and the bridal shower.

Stag party is a lot easier, let’s just focus with the little complicated one, the bachelorette party. The female members of the wedding entourage are, of course, the ones in charge with the bridal shower. Your obligation is to make sure the entire party will run smoothly.

Get a venue suitable for the bridal shower. After you girls have secured the location, it’s about time to send out invitations to the closest women to the bride. And the last but not the least, get the food caterer to make sure you will have the most mouthwatering foods for the party.


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