Myths about Sydney Caterers

If you are one of those who shy away from hiring Sydney caterers because of some negative feedback you’ve heard from your friends, neighbors or colleague. Spare yourself from all these myths – it’s time to debunk them.


Caterers in Sydney are incredibly expensive.

This myth is partly true. This is because catering services can really break your bank if you don’t know how to choose the best one. There are plenty of options available that would allow you to host a superb wedding, birthday and cocktail parties in Sydney without having to cost you an arm and leg. If you opt to do the venue preparation by yourself, it could save you some money as well. However, you must not underestimate the bigger savings you get when you leave everything to the caterers. Let them do the venue design and the food as well.

You are paying mostly for food.

It can be a sad reality but when hiring caterers in Sydney, you are paying for the food, service, tables, chairs and many others. However, you can always go for some cheaper options. A good and reliable caterer would help you come up with a menu and service plan that fits perfectly into your budget.

Caterers in Sydney serve frozen food.

In the past, caterers would serve frozen food. However, today, caterers use raw and fresh ingredients. This is especially true for servings that require vegetable, meat and seafood. Again, you have a lot of choices when it comes to food served by caterers. Frozen foods are often used for finger food platters. Nevertheless, they are better than those you buy from the fast food chains.


Food shortage always happens with catering.

Food shortage due to the coming of unexpected guests is obviously not the caterers fault. However, if you paid for the right headcount and shortage occurred, then it must be your caterer. Good thing though that there are caterers that can accommodate last minute requests and food add-ons.


All Suburbs Catering brings you the best caterers in Sydney for all occasions. You can get rid of all these myths when you work with these pros. Most importantly, you can ensure that you get the freshest food, mouthwatering finger foods and delish desserts without the hitch.

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