Must Know: Wedding Catering Trends from Sydney Caterers

Sydney caterers, being the experts in the field, bring you the year-round trends in catering services every year. This 2013, they have again revealed the trends for the second half of the year.


If you want to achieve the most unforgettable wedding reception of your life, it is a must that you know what menus best fit a 2013 wedding. After all, all wedding parties are all about food. However, it can’t be just ANY food. There is a big difference between food that would satiate guests’ digestive tract than food that makes them happy and remember it forever.

Here are the top wedding catering trends from Sydney caterers.

Playful Colors

Don’t rely on just the inedible decorations to bring life to your venue. Play for the colors on the food menus as well. But it doesn’t mean you dye the mashed potato. Rather, mix and match colored veggies with the meat. This means naturally blending their colors.


Make Your Own

Why don’t you allow guests to make their own meal? This is one of the top catering trends today. This means putting up some food stations such as sandwich bar, lettuce wrap station, baked potato buffet and taco bar. Your guests will surely love building their own plato wraps. However, make sure that food options remain hot. This is such a great wedding catering idea for outdoor receptions.

Meal on Sticks

How about small pies on stick? Fruit kabobs? Yes, you can definitely do this. It looks fun, entertaining and handy for guests who want to mingle with the others while nibbling. Meals on sticks are definitely in!

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Breakfast Meals on Lunch or Dinner

No matter what time of the day your wedding reception is, no one can stop you from serving breakfast meals as it is one of the hottest catering trends today. Set up a waffle or pancake station, biscuit bars and other breakfast treats you like. Aside from the smaller cost you need to set them up, you can ensure that everyone loves to eat them.


Your wedding reception must be filled with fun, excitement and of course, good food. Buffet catering is great, but it is just the usual catering style every wedding has. Why not try the unique ones to make your wedding a lot remarkable that everyone would never forget? Don’t hesitate to try these catering trends filled with bite-sized, sumptous finger foods, especially when you work with the best Sydney caterers like All Suburbs Catering.

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