Must-Ask Questions to Your Wedding Caterer

If you want the wedding to be very extra special, then you should not hold back in your budget. Basically, you will be spending a lot on the party food than anything else. With this, you should perform due diligence when looking for Sydney caterers. Here are some questions you need to ask before you finally decide on hiring a wedding caterer:


Is there any food or service you specialize? If so, then they must be able to provide you with the list of menus or services that they are good at.

Will there be a free taste test? A caterer who offers such means they are confident about their services and the food they serve. You have to grab this opportunity and set a schedule before you hire them. Offering the free taste test alone is not enough to be impressed. It is a must that you taste the food yourself before they are being served on the party.

What’s the price range? It is important that you make it clear with the caterer the cost of the food and the service. Are they inclusive of taxes? Will I pay for the linens? Always ask for the prices in written form.

How do you get involved in the reception? You need to know if one can play like a wedding coordinator that will help you arrange the seats or when the food is served. If not, you may consider getting a separate wedding coordinator.

Are you going to provide the tableware? Chairs? Tables? And many others? You have to make sure if they offer such things so you don’t have to rent all these from another company. It is always best to hire an all-in-one service provider so you can be confident that everything compliments with each other.

Who should I contact? While you deal with the catering staff on your reservation and planning, a different staff may be working with you on the event day. It is always best to see the same person whom you made transaction with on the wedding day just in case troubles arise, you have someone to blame or ask for emergency assistance.


There are many other questions that you need to ask your wedding caterer to make sure that your wedding party is a breeze. However, the above mentioned are the most important ones. Don’t miss them when you seek potential caterers for your wedding party in Sydney.

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