Mr Fingerfood Adds More Finger food To Range

Catering Sydney And All Suburbs  

Baby Whiting Fillets
Crumbed whiting fillets served with saffron dill mayonnaise.

Satay Chicken on Bamboo
Skewered marinated chicken thigh fillets barbecued and served with peanut sauce and coriander.

Baby Beef Buns
Prime Northern Rivers beef on a baby bun with homemade onion ring chutney.

Potato Skins
Oven-baked potato, filled with Mexican salsa and sour cream or with thyme scented ratatouille and bacon bits.

Nori/Californian Rolls
Your choice of raw fish and vegetables rolled up in sticky Japanese rice and seaweed, accompanied with soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese horseradish).

Chinese BBQ Pork
Served on bamboo forks and seared with fresh ginger, lemongrass and coriander

Pacific Oysters
Pacific Oysters in an asian soup ladle with pickled ginger dressing.

Thai Fish Cakes
Served with a refreshing basil and lime mayonnaise.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
Raw Asian vegetables, herbs, rice noodles and pickled ginger.

Crumbed Camembert
Wedges of camembert fried and served with our savoury mango dipping sauce.

Mini Quiche
Freshly baked with mixed flavours – lorraine, spinach or provincale.

Foccacia bread with: Tandoori seafood; smoked salmon (extra pp); Mediterranean vegetables and pesto; Hawaiian; pepperoni; bacon, avocado and cherry tomato; roasted chicken, cherry tomato and satay sauce.

Vegetarian Roast Mushrooms
Roast Swiss Brown mushrooms filled with silverbeet, ricotta and grated haloumi.

Petite Pies
Pepper steak, lamb and rosemary or Thai vegetable curry

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