Mr Finger Food For All Occasions

Finger Food has become the modern day tapas without the pretense. There is just something so free and easy about finger food – the way all good food should make you feel. Mr Finger Food can provide you with all your catering needs right across Australia’s major cities, whether it’s a wedding, funeral, corporate event, birthday party or any event you are organizing.

When the popular reality TV show, X-Factor, needed food and snacks for their after party, who did they call? That’s right, Mr Finger Food. The caterer for the stars created a dazzling finger food menu for 400 guests at their final show. If it’s good enough for reality TV celebrities, then it’s good enough for you!

With a set menu of 4 popular party boxes, 6 themed boxes, do it yourself platters, cold platters and much more, when you need to impress your guests while at the same time providing the tastiest and most convenient finger foods in Australia, there is only one place to go!

The company’s success has been achieved through word-of-mouth recommendations from already happy customers, which is always a great way to judge a caterer.

Please click here to find more details on Mr Finger Food’s sampler assortments and start to create a special finger food menu that suits your guest’s palettes and taste.

To visit the Mr Finger Food website, please click here!

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