Most Popular Corporate Catering Menus

Admittedly, hosting for any corporate event can be very tricky. This is because a corporate event can be a very formal gathering. Unlike having a grill party at your garden, you must make sure everybody is well accommodated and the food is satisfying. If you are a host or the personnel tasked for the corporate gathering, what should you include in your menu? Below is a helpful list of the most popular corporate catering menus.

In almost all places in the world, the following food selections are favorites among the most popular corporate catering menus.


Beef Brisket. If you are hosting a corporate event and expected to serve lunch or dinner then beef brisket menus can be very well appreciated. As a matter of fact, beef brisket dishes are normally requested by guests. Beef brisket with BBQ sauces are best with vegetable salads, beans, spring rolls, potato salad or just mere sliced onions. This can be perfect for any luncheon function.

Italian Food Taste. Pasta dishes, chicken servings, Parmesan pizza and more! Italian food servings are well loved in any corporate gathering. Bread rolls and wraps can be added too. Some dinner salads will be splendid too.

Sandwiches. It is not just one of the best food selections in every corporate catering menu but it is also the most convenient. There can be several variations these days on sandwich patters. There can be roasted sandwiches stuffed with meat leftovers, veggies, cheese and more. Such can also be offered in mini buns which can be ideal for afternoon snack. The good thing about sandwiches is that it can be easily fit to any group. In addition to that, it can be served along with coffee, juice or wine.

Asian Food stuff. These days, Asian flavors and dishes are becoming famous. Chicken teriyaki as well as its beef counterpart can be popular items in office functions.

Pastries. Desserts should never be missed. Ideally, a lot of people love to have some sugary treats.


If you want to serve different varieties of food on your corporate parties in Sydney, make sure that you have the perfect combos. It does not always mean that popular menus must all come together. The right combination is also important. Ask the best Sydney caterers today to find out which among these menus are perfect together.

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