Mom: Kid’s Party (Pooper) Planner

Here’s an interesting confession from a mom who learned her lesson after messing up her kid’s birthday party.

Last year I was in a thrifty mode. I saved everything. I used coupons for almost everything. I even decided to save on my own son, Luke’s birthday party. Instead of calling in buffet catering services like I used to for my older daughter’s parties, or what my mom used to when throwing parties for me, I decided I want to cook. I know buffet catering services are a dime a dozen and everyone use them for parties and other important events so I really do not understand what came over me.


Cooked for the 80 guests made up of little kids around the neighbourhood and Luke’s schoolmates as well as their chaperones sounded like no biggie at that time. I thought I’ll whip up some spaghetti, fried chicken, meatballs, ice cream and cake (homemade! How brave…) like magic. I thought, how hard can it be? I cooked spaghetti and chicken all the time for my kids. I overestimated myself. I am no cook, especially for such number of guests and on such a tight schedule. The only reason everything got prepared was because my adrenaline was so high I really thought I became superwoman for a day.

Unfortunately, most of the food was wasted. My spaghetti was bland, my chicken was overcooked, and my cake was mushy. Homemade ice cream has got to be the worst decision I made in my life. I never done something like that before, and I relied on some recipe I found online. The result was some salty goop that no one in my family liked to look at, let alone eat. Good thing though, my husband saw the result even before the guests arrived and bought tubs of ice cream at the grocery. At least the kids enjoyed some ice cream.

The kids were too busy playing they barely noticed the taste of the spaghetti and chicken, but the adults certainly did. I got so many snide comments I literally wanted to vanish into thin air. That would have helped if I can, it would have add some magic to my kid’s party. How I wished I just dialled that number and called in the buffet catering services, they are always more than prepared to cater to parties and events, and they always have good choices of foods too! If I called in the buffet catering services, I am sure they would have not thought of serving boring foods on spaghetti and meatballs, too. Quite the original, I am.

wedding caterer

This year though, I do not plan on making the same mistake on Luke’s 7th party. It does not mean I plan to spend all out and splurge. Maybe I’ll hire some clowns or magicians though. Definitely, however, I plan to revert back to my buffet catering days. There are many catering services out there that are affordable and yet offer delectable foods both kids and adults will enjoy. This year, there will be no showing off of my cooking skills. Let’s have the experts take over the food!

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