Live Up your Own Dream Wedding

Every woman has a picture of a perfect wedding ever since she was a little girl and there could never be more beautiful than watching her dream wedding unfold right in front of her very eyes. Now that you are finally about to say ‘I do’, it is your time to let those images of a perfect wedding come to life. Live them. Make them happen.
So let’s start off on how you are going to make your wedding day unique and memorable.

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• Wedding gown: Gone are the days when the only color for a wedding dress is only white. Nowadays, you can wear a wedding gown of your favorite color- pink, yellow, blue, black, red, name it! Or you can put everything together if you like

• Wedding cake: It does not have to be in white, filled with tiny flowers and topped with a bride and groom figurine. You can design your cake based on the theme of your wedding. For instance, if your wedding theme is ‘Travel’, then your cake may come in the form a globe or travelling books.

wedding cake

• Venue adornments. Modern day weddings need not be overly romantic. Sticking to the earlier example of a wedding theme which is ‘travel’, aside from roses and all things cheesy, have some travel items as one of your decorations. If you were able to travel as a couple, you can use your souvenirs and if they’re ain’t enough, you can produce replicas to be all-over the venue.

Lastly, your wedding doesn’t only have to be unique in terms of the wedding gown, cake, venue, but the foods as well! Get the most excellent food caterer in Australia and talk about a unique combination of foods and beverages that will fit your theme. You can read some useful tips and get a list of truly great party caterers from The food caterers the site recommends are those that specialize in doing wedding party catering.

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