Hotdogs for Sydney’s Hotdog Enthusiasts

If you haven’t tried the many other different varieties of hotdogs, then you have to start walking around Sydney now to find the best servings of hotdogs ever. There are a lot more to hotdogs than frying or grilling it on stick. Here are some of the interesting and perhaps a bit bizarre hotdog combos you can ever taste in Sydney.

• El Loco

Who loves cheese and hotdog combos? You will certainly love the haloumi grated cheese on top of the hotdog with super fresh salsa. Want to know what makes this meal very close to tequila lovers? It’s because of the sizzling hot pickled jalapeños along with the precise amount of mayo and mustard. With this, you’d surely be happy you went around Sydney in Monday.

• Chanoma

Want to get rid of the guilt after eating the oily hotdog sandwich? If you, you have to try the thousand different ways of hotdog meals plus green tea. You may choose among the Spanish chorizo, German bratwurst or the Slovenian kransky for your sausage and place it into the long, white, soft bun. Add more flavor with the curry cabbage and your own choice of sauce.

• Rockpool Bar and Grill

Aside from the famous burgers at Rockpool, it also boasts its hotdog sandwiches that you would not want to last a day without taking a bite. Each serving of hotdog is perfectly made to prepare your stomach for the cocktail. Enjoy the delightful taste of the fried shallots with spicy chorizo and sweet brioche roll.

Get to enjoy these mouthwatering hotdog sandwiches in Sydney every day. They are perfect for lunch, dinner or to line your digestive system before introducing alcohol. Get them sweet or spicy. Whatever your taste buds want, they’d surely have it without breaking your bank.

If you want to add these delish hotdog sandwiches for your fingerfood parties in Sydney, make sure that you get it from the best Sydney caterers.


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