Healthy Trick or Treat!

Ready for the trick and treat? Of course, kids are a lot more excited than you. They’ve been waiting for this day to come as it would definitely be a day filled with fun and sweets. Unfortunately, this is also the day when you can’t control your kid’s consumption of unhealthy food and candy. Even if you are able to bake your super delish pumpkin cake and was able to perfectly cook your mom’s killer recipe of pumpkin soup, kids would still prefer eating the sugary candies.

trick or treat

By the time dinner is ready, they are already full. It is not an uncommon scenario catching them sleeping with candies and gums on their mouth, isn’t it? They would even intentionally skip toothbrushing.

So, you will no longer be worrying about these things, why not break the practice? Although you can’t entirely eliminate trick or treat with candies, you can do something different and something healthier for the kids. Who knows? Moms in your neighborhood will do the same next year, and everyone will then be having a health trick or treating?
Here are some of the healthy ideas for the trick or treat or some candy alternatives that might be better for your kids than what you usually serve them during this time of the year.


Microwave Popcorn. Who says popcorns are just for watching movies? You can use them for trick and treat, too! Obviously, they are a lot healthier than candies.

Bagged Pretzels. There are lots of pretzel flavors you can choose from for the trick and treat. All it requires is the additional creativity on your packing. Make sure they look interesting and colorful.

Graham Cookies. No, not the boring graham cookies. Mold them into bear-like shape so they appear more exciting. Most importantly, not too sweet!

Sugar-Free Gum. Yeah, sugar-free gums are not all tasteless and unsweetened. You can get them with different flavors minus the sugar.

What about some non-food alternatives? Yeah, it is possible and acceptable for trick or treat as well. If you want to avoid all the junk food, then you might just give the kids something to play and work on. You might like to give them these:


• Temporary Tattoos.
• Halloween Stickers.
• Crayons.
• Halloween-themed Coloring Books.
• Glow in the Dark Accessories.
• Bubbles.

Even without the sweets, you can still make Trick or Treat fun and exciting. Just apply some of your creativity on it, and the kids will surely love them.

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