Great Barrier Feast

Australia’s one of the best naturally-bestowed gifts from the heavens is the Great Barrier Reef, which happens to be the world’s biggest system of coral reefs. For this, it’s but important to celebrate such a great blessing through their annual Hamilton Island’s Great Barrier Feast. The feast’s almost always being held in the month of July.
The highlight of the Great Barrier Feast is always the showcase of culinary prowess from world famous chefs in an exclusive, haute setting. But of course, this is just one of the many things one can do during a vacation at Hamilton Island.

great barrier feast

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be there on Great Barrier Feast:

• Meet and Greet with Cool People. Because it’s Great Barrier Feast, definitely there’ll be a lot of local and international visitors gracing Hamilton Island and so it’s the perfect time to level up your social skills by meeting new acquaintances- unique ones. Just don’t forget to get acquainted with the famous personas of the kitchen during the Great Barrier Feast classes from the invited chefs.

• Learn in a Truly Classy, Beautiful Way. Immerse yourself in an exclusive culinary class at a plush setting from the world’s greatest chefs and learn some of their ‘personal’ style of waving magic that are making their dishes even more delectable

• Eat and Drink your Heart Away. Great Barrier Feast definitely means letting yourself feast over the wide selection of equally scrumptious foods and beverages at the place.

• Visual Treats. It’s the time to explore Hamilton Island and all the beautiful things it is. If you do not have water phobia, go and dive to see the truly magnificent beauty of the colorful coral reefs deep down under the ocean.

great barrier feast 2

• Relax and Enjoy a Brand New Experience. This is the ultimate reason why you should be there during the Great Barrier Feast and that’s to give yourself a break from the everyday hassle-bustle of your life and seek comfort and amusement in this event at such a naturally lovely place.

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