Graduation Cocktail Party

Graduation is one of the happiest momentous occasions to celebrate. The successful conclusion to one’s long and draining academic journey deserves to be celebrated with glee. And so with this, throwing a worth remembering party to a loved one who will be graduating is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give to him or her.

If you are the one throwing the party, give it a little twist from the usual formal, sitting-down dinner. Make it a cocktail party with all the chic cocktail tables set up in the venue and let the guests enjoy themselves hopping from one table to the next. Since a cocktail party is a little less formal, this will give the guests an opportunity to meet and greet more people than just sit down and be glued to a conversation with just 2 or 3 persons sitting beside them on the table.

And of course, an occasion will never be complete without FOOD and DRINKS. To ensure that you will have the scrumptious cocktail foodies on during the party, hire the most exceptional party food caterer in Australia.


Here is a suggested list of delectable finger foods for cocktail party from one of the best food catering service provider in the country:

• Mini chicken drumsticks
• Savory meat balls
• Spicy meat and spinach
• Different kinds of cheeses and crackers with a variety of dipping sauces
• Cabanossi
• Mixed nuts and dried fruits

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