Gourmet Sandwiches & Box Lunches from Sydney Caterer

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Gourmet Sandwiches Fillings

* Roast prime aged beef and horseradish

* Avocado and goats cheese

* Smoked salmon and cream cheese

* Traditional salad fillings

* Chicken avocado & toasted pinenut

* Shaved leg ham and mustard

* Tuna celery and salad sprout mix

* Roast lamb and chutney

* Roast pork and apple sauce

* Pastrami, gruyere cheese and pickles

* Spiced cream cheese

* Ham, pickled onions and pea sprouts

* Spiced cream cheese

* Chargrilled capsicums marinated

* Artichokes, semi dried tomatoes

Gourmet Sandwiches Styles

* Point and ribbon sandwiches – Three ribbons or four points per round

* Deli-style vienna sour dough bread – Two large halves per round

* Club sandwiches – Three ribbons per round

* Assorted knot, shell and Turkish bread rolls – Assorted halves and fingers

* Focaccias with assorted toppings cut into bite size fingers

* New York style bagels – Mini size or Regular

* Pita pockets & mountain bread wraps – one individual pita or wrap per round

* Mini Baguettes – Served whole, one mini baguette per round

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