Going Bollywood

Yes it’s Bollywood! You might think it’s not Bollywood but Hollywood. Well, it is not. Bollywood happens to be India’s version of the famous and well-loved Hollywood of the west.

DIY Catering

If you are planning for parties in Sydney then a Bollywood-themed party will be a great idea! What are the things that you need for your Bollywood party? You will need to ask your guest to put on some Bollywood costumes, rent a large hall and arrange some black and white decorations. Throw some colorful pillows on the couches and play rhythmic Indian music.

But above all, to be able to have a nice Bollywood-theme party you will need to prepare for the best Indian dishes and drinks. You can always ask some Sydney caterers to prepare the following:

Finger Foods. In any Bollywood party, finger foods are most favored. Included in the most popular menus are Mumbai Sandwiches made of assorted vegetable servings of cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, bets and cheese. Other great add-ons to the list are the Tikki Chaat, Bhelpuri, Paani Puri, and Papdi Chaat.

Exotic Indian Cuisine. Buffets of Buttered Chicken, Palak Paneer, Naan are always bestsellers in Sydney as well as in other parts of the world.

Salads and Sidedishes. A Bollywood-themed party will never be complete without vegetable salads like Kachumbar, as well as spicy side dishes Green Onion Raita.

Snacks and Bites. Whether you are hosting a luncheon or an afternoon party, a Bollywood party menu will always be available for you. Heavy snack options include Samosa and Vada Pav.

Drinks. After we have talked so much about food selections, we must not forget about the drinks to complete the Bollywood menu. During summer days, cold Indian drinks like Lasi and Badam Milk can be great. During winter days, Spiced Apple Cider and Masala Chai can be favorable.

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