Get to Know the Varying Types of Gelato

When you finally get the answer to the mind boggling question you have in mind about the difference between a gelato and an ice cream, you jump in to another query: What are the types of gelato? Unfortunately, yes, you are not only asking for the different kinds of flavor gelato have.

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If that is the question, it will be very easy to answer because well, just like ice cream, gelato has a myriad of flavors to choose from. You name it. But since flavor is not what some people mean when they ask about “type” of gelato, it is definitely a little serious inquiry,

So for those who are wondering what the types of gelato are (if there are) aside from ‘types of flavor’, here is a list of it.

Basically, gelato just means ice cream; it’s just the Italian counterpart of the English word. So when you are asking for the varying kinds of gelato, you are asking for the different types of ice cream too.

Pasteurized Gelato

Since gelato uses milk than cream, technically, milk is the main ingredient of gelato. Gelato makers have the choice regarding the kind of milk they will use in making. It can be pasteurized or not. Most of the time, gelato makers would usually use pasteurized milk and therefore pasteurized gelato is more popular than unpasteurized one.

Unpasteurized Gelato

Of course there is a distinction with regards to the taste of a gelato which uses unpasteurized milk than pasteurized one. It tastes milkier and yes, more delectable maybe because of the fact that unpasteurized cow’s milk means that it didn’t undergo any process of sterilizing and basically it is fresh from the cow.

Soya Gelato

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For those who love to eat gelatos but are keeping an eye to their cholesterol level and sugar level, this one is the best for you. Soya gelato does not contain cholesterol because all of its components come from fruits and vegetables. It also does not have any added sugar. Good for diabetics. In addition, soya gelato is rich in protein, iron and other important minerals which can be beneficial to your health. You don’t have to worry a thing about its taste; it is as milky and tasty just like that regular gelato.

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