Get to Know Some of the Best Dessert Shops in Sydney

If you have a craving for sweets and pastries then you can always satisfy your sweet tooth at Sydney, Australia. Sydney does not only host for the best restaurants but also offers the yummiest desserts in their shops. Find out more about some of the best dessert shops in Sydney, Australia.


If we talk about famous dessert shops in Sydney, Australia then our list can go almost forever. But let us just deal with the most popular and favorite dessert shops in the city. Several reviews will reveal that among the most famous dessert shops in Sydney, Australia are the following.

First in our list are Tetsuya’s and Guillaume @ Bennelong. These restaurants are famous for offering the best Sonoma sourdough at the most reasonable price. But who cares about the price anyway when it comes to mouth watering treats?

Another famous pasty shop is the Bourke Street Bakery for its all time favorite passionfruit meringue tart. It is common to observe a large crowd outside the bakery each day for the sweet dessert.

Also, the Brasserie Bread remains to be a choice of many. The shop is famous because of its best selling Brasserie’s organic sourdough.

Who wants an almond croissant along with your brewed coffee? You can get it from La Renaissance Patisserie.

Baroque’s macarons are toothsome too. The Baroque Bistro Patisserie offers the best tart at an affordable rate.

Brownies are irresistible treats, right? Get some of the finest from Sweet Infinity.

If you want something new and sweet, then try out some of Black Star Bakery’s creation. They will be perfect for your delicate summer taste buds!

In the event that you are up to carbohydrate loading then Iggy’s Down Under will be the best selection for you. You can find the most tasty bread choices here.

Moreover, shops like Croissant D’Or and St Honore are also famous scrumptious bread, cakes and pastries.

How about you sweet tooth? Where are you heading to get some mouthwatering desserts today?


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