Gelato VS Ice Cream: What’s Really the Difference?

As you enjoy eating every teaspoonful of your gelato and your friend is also taking pleasure in gobbling her ice cream, does it ever cross your mind what is the difference of the two? Although gelato is just the Italian term for ice cream, there is really a difference between the two of them.

Because there are a lot of people in this world who are so inquisitive about a lot of things in his world, just in case thinking about their difference is bugging you, here are the three main factors that make gelato, gelato and ice cream as ice cream.

icecream vs gelato

• Temperature

Wonder how gelato keeps its supple texture? The secret is in its serving temperature. A gelato is always served approximately 15 degrees warmer than the ice cream to preserve its pliant texture. Ice cream, on the other hand, is always served at -12.2 degrees Celsius to prevent it from being runny and to keep speedy melting at bay.

• Churning

Gelato is way thicker than ice cream it is because its swirling process is at a much slower rate compared to the latter. Ice cream is churned at a speedy tempo making it fleecier and soupier than gelato.

• Fat content

Good news to those who are watching their weight: Gelato contains less fat than ice cream. It uses less of the egg yolks and it uses milk instead of cream. This is what makes gelato milky and ice cream creamy. So if you are in a strict low fat diet to maintain your good figure, you can indulge in gelato if your ice cream craving starts to kick in.

ice creamvsgelato2

These are the three main things that make the two different. But whatever their dissimilarities are, nothing and no one can deny the fact that both of them are such a delight to everyone’s taste buds.

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