Geeky Aussie Restaurants

geeky restaurantsRestaurants these days are in the process of being modernized too, and it is going too far that even tables already have screens installed so the diners can just easily browse and place their orders with just a sweep of a finger. The evolution started with paper-based menus, and then they were replaced by tablet menus and then now the screen on the table menus.

Definitely, the modernization will not simply stop there. Who knows maybe some restos don’t need waiters and waitresses to bring the ordered dishes to the table or they don’t have to wipe clean the table after the customers have eaten?

The following are just among the many geeky restaurants in Australia. Read on!

• Wagaya Japanese Restaurant. If you are so much into Japanese cookery or techie restos or both, then this place is the one for you. Interiors are dark and will really make you feel that it’s as if you are in Japan. The walls of the restaurant are equipped with screens. The built-in wall screens serve as the diners’ menu; and with this, waiters and waitresses aren’t needed anymore to take and place on the orders. The customers can do it themselves.


• Mundo Tapas Bar. Perhaps the very first in North Sydney or the entire Australia to have iPads in replacement of paper-back menus. What’s even more amazing with iPad menus is that diners can be filled with trivia about the dishes they’re about to order. If they don’t know what to order, they will give you food suggestions depending on your mood or the climate. The iPad menus can even suggest good food and beverage combinations for you.

• Sushi Hotaru. Another resto known for its sumptuous oriental cuisine. Located in The Galeries Victoria at 500 George Street, Sydney, Sushi Hotaru is frequently visited by both residents and vacationers for the great tasting morsels and main dishes as well as their high-tech way of ordering system.

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