Fun and Food at Folk Festival

It’s time to hit the grounds of Canberra come Easter weekend for the famous National Folk Festival. Every year, the National Folk Festival in Canberra magnetizes both the locals and foreigners to come and join in celebrating the folk culture of the glorious Australia.


Festival organizers have prepared various fun learning activities that will definitely be enjoyed by the young and old alike. Folk songs and dances will, of course, fill Canberra all throughout the festival. There will also be poetry reading and story-telling sessions to recollect the beautiful literary pieces written by the famous Australian poets and writers.

In addition to the already-long list of activities for the Folk Fest, there will be lots of concerts that will surely be a delight to the young ones and dance classes for everyone too. Plus, a special program only made for the kids to enjoy.


And of course, the highlight of every occasion and festival- FOOD and DRINKS! The festival goers will have food selections aplenty. From the formal resto to the street foods, take your pick. This will also be a great opportunity for you to spot a potential food caterer for your upcoming party.

Get to know the restaurant and food stall owners and make some little chit-chats. Who knows they might be your food caterers in the near future. We all know Australia’s got lots of really good party caterers that you can rely on. Check on to get professional help when you are in need of expert food catering service providers.

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