Fruits This Season in Sydney


Sydney is a place where you can find almost everything – bright lights at night, opera houses, theaters, architectural creations, theme parks, animal farms, the finest restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, amusement centers and fresh fruits and vegetable farms. For this reason, Sydney never fails to be a favourite destination among tourists all year round.

Fresh fruits and farms for instance are always visited by tourists as well as of local consumers. What can we find in farms and fruit stalls this season?

Apples. It appears that apples can be found in all places of the world today. Apples can be perfect eaten raw or be whipped with some cream. Apples are known to be good anti-oxidants plus they facilitate good metabolism. Toothsome apple pies prepared by Sydney caterers never miss to entice us.

Lemons and Oranges. They are always good especially during the summer season. You can always find fresh ones in fruit stalls. With the use of a fruit juicer, come up with refreshing icy lemonade. Add up some carrots, tomatoes and plums and you have a healthy juice drink.

Papayas and Pineapples. Papayas and pineapples can be juiced too if you want to have a healthy summer drink. Slice the fruits together with some melons and chill. An fruit mix is always ideal for parties in Sydney.

Berries. You can find all types of berries in Sydney! They are all organically grown and sweet. You can find lovely raspberries, grapes, blueberries and strawberries.

Apricots, peach and plums. These stone fruit varieties can easily be purchased in farmer’s market.

Other Tropical Fruits. Name all the tropical fruits that you know and you can find it all in Sydney. Sweet mangoes, bananas, guavas and pomelos!

Exotic fruits. You can always buy the kiwifruit from fruit stalls. Another fruit that has an exotic look but is very popular is the dragonfruit. They can be whipped with cream and some sweetened milk and you instantly have a fruit dessert.

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