Four Great Christmas Dessert Ideas

Christmas season is fast approaching. Aside from starting to buy gifts for loved ones and friends, pretty sure most women especially mothers are also preoccupied about their menu for Christmas day. From soup to dessert, they make sure all the foods they will serve on the table are well-thought of.

And yeah, thinking about what dishes, drinks and desserts to serve can be quite stressful at times. So, to be of little help, here is a list of Christmas dessert suggestions you can serve on the merriest day of the year:

Choco-Mint Brownies


Sometimes you want to serve something not-so-messy. Since ice cream and icing-filled cakes can be undeniably messy especially in the hands of children, choco-mint brownie is dry. It’s also considered a finger-food so your guests won’t need saucers and forks to eat this. Isn’t it a favor on your part too? Because saucers and forks which will be supposedly used for dessert won’t add up to your dishwashing chore anymore? Indeed a smart Christmas dessert.

Strawberry Pavlova

strawberry pavlova

It’s always nice to include “Christmassy” colors to your Christmas desserts, isn’t it? Strawberry, for instance, can really make your sweets so Christmas with its rich red color. Although pavlova is a little intricate to make, yet once you get to see the look of your guests’ faces as they eat it, you wouldn’t regret you decided to make it as your Christmas dessert. If you don’t have strawberries, you can also use raspberries or cherries as replacement.

Cream Puffs

cream puffs

Cream puff is also a little complicated to make but really worth it. What makes it delicious is the sweet custard filling that battles with the blandness of the outside covering.
It is best paired with tea. It’s such a perfect Christmas dessert treat after the main course.

White Christmas Ice Cream Cones

white cones

It’s Christmas and therefore something unique and new must be served. Unlike your typical ice cream cone which is all wafer, this one is made up of ice cream, glazed fruits and almonds. Indeed, it’s a special Christmas cone. It can be eaten as is or as how it is supposed to be used- edible ice cream holder.

Of course, all these are just for desserts. How about for the main dish? Boost your Christmas dinner craving with some spit roast. No time to cook? It’s simple. Just talk to the experts at Inner West SyCanterbury – Bankstown Spit Roast Cateringdney Spit Roast Catering.


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