For a Cheaper and Chipper Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are the most relaxing events where you can just simply roam around from one cocktail table to another and enjoy the company of your friends. It is a chance for you to meet new acquaintances as well or probably meet a potential love or business partner.


A cocktail party has a lighter mood compared to formal ones, with the guests having full autonomy where they want to go and who they want to talk to. This is the primary reason why young adults would usually prefer to throw cocktail parties rather formal, sit-down ones.

To have your cocktail party cheaper and chipper, all you need to have is a really good food caterer- a professional one of course. Aside from the preparation, cooking and presentation of cocktail foods, they will also be responsible to put up, arrange the cocktail tables and beautify the entire venue with eclectic adornments to give the place a cooler ambiance and chic look.


Plan-out a great menu with your Aussie food caterer. You can probably suggest the following cocktail foodies to the team if you wish to:

Mini slices of pizza with an assortment of toppings
• Cocktail sausage rolls
• Meat and vegetable skewers
• Cheese and spinach triangles
• California Maki
• Cheese and dip platter
• Gourmet finger sandwiches
• Tiny lemon squares
• Dried fruits and nuts


Don’t forget that you need to have a menu which can also be enjoyed by your vegetarian friends. If you do so, they’ll always grace your party event. Try out MyCaterer for your catering needs.

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