Finger Foods and Drinks: A Perfect Combo for Cocktail Parties in Melbourne

Love partying at home with friends? If you are, for sure, you are not the type who would serve heavy meals while allowing your guests to drink and get drunk. Cocktail parties in Melbourne are always fun – guests chatting, dancing, giggling and nibbling. This is the main reason why it is such a bad idea serving restaurant-level gourmet – serve it on your wedding reception instead.


Cocktail parties in Melbourne rocks! You may have noticed there are lots of finger food caterers in Melbourne and other suburbs. People just can’t stop partying. Here are some suggestions you might want to include in your next cocktail party. These menus will undoubtedly make your guests go crave for each bite more while taking a sip of their favorite cocktail drinks.

mini pizzas

• Mixed Patizzi
• Mixed gourmet pies
• Chicken gougons
• Gourmet pizza fingers
• Cocktail bruschetta
• Prawn skewers
• Petite whiting
• Chicken satay sticks

You can get these delicious finger foods for as $7.79 per guest. Whether you are expecting, 30, 50, 80 to even 120 guests, you sure can cater them all. With this very affordable price, you can be confident that your guests have something to munch on until the sun comes out. Of course, don’t forget to pair it with cocktail drinks.

Tired of preparing all these by yourself? You really don’t have to. Just call All Suburbs Catering at 1800 888 140, and you’ll have everything set.

What makes All Suburbs Catering the perfect partner for your cocktail parties in Melbourne is that you have a bunch of choices of food and drinks tailored for your budget.


In fact, you can get these finger foods in value, deluxe and premium packages with prices starting from $298.50 for 30 guests at 175 pieces of these superbly mouthwatering food bites that match your smooth cocktail beverages – with or without alcohol.

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