Finger Food Cocktail Parties Popular In Melbourne And Sydney

f you are in charge of planning a corporate event, you are probably most concerned about the budget you have, and making sure all of your guests needs and requests are seen to. After all, you need to work with them again the following day! Often office parties can range from a large scale organisations, that needs to entertain and catertorits 1000+ employees, through to a social function of 25 employees in a small business.

They can require simple catering oreven extensive event management preparation. Either way, you need a competent caterer who is ready
and able to take control of your function and let YOU know whats going on, instead of leaving
you with lingering questions of whether or not Fridays going away party is really going on or not.

Some large office parties require Caterers to then work in with other service providers, such as pirotechnics, amusement operators, other caterers, and any challenging circumstances you may have,such as outside functions, special timings of the event, or different themes that need to be worked with. Any function you do, you need to question your caterers experience,dedication and professionalism to their task at hand. Ensure that they have an addequete range of products to be able to cater for your many guests special needs, dietryrequirements, and make sure that they are flexible enough to go that extra mile just foryou, to treat your job as an individual case rather than simply another number.

Some caterers actually have current event mangement experience andqualifications. This makes for the best combination, a dedicated team that can arrange their own affairs and simply call on you forconfirmation rather than always asking questions on different matters.If any of your current service providers have event management experience,you are already well on your way to have a very succesful smooth running function.

Fabulous Fingerfood is set to release new gourmet fingerfood menus. Below is a sample of what is going to be on offer. All packages will of course still include all the regular Fabulous Fingerfood extras you need and the service you would expect from Melbourne’s & Sydneys Best Fingerfood Caterers who are Catering 7 days all suburbs

Mini Stuffed potatoes
Crumbed Chicken with Plum Sauce
Pumpkin, Onion Jam & Feta Tarts
Bacon & Egg & Potato Slice
Filo Triangles with assorted fillings
Minted Pinwheels
Asparagus & Parmesan Filo Rolls
Mini Frittata
Spring Rolls or Samosas with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Chicken & Bacon Filo Rolls
Spicy Meatballs / Thai Style Chicken Balls
Chicken Kebabs with Plum or Peanut Sauce
Marinated or Stuffed Chicken Drumsticks
Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Walnut & Mushroom Stuffing Falafel with Tahini Sauce
Crispy Lentil & Parmesan Patties
Leek and Feta Fritters
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