Filipino Restaurants in Sydney

Traveling doesn’t only enrich our knowledge of the different culture and tradition of some countries and it doesn’t just deepen our love and longing for learning. Traveling also gives us the chance to make unforgettable memories in a foreign land. These are memories that’ll definitely be carved in our minds and hearts. Even if a vacationer has gone to all parts of the world, there’ll always be that one specific memory he’ll have of that place- his shopping, strolling, or eating moments.


Both Australian citizens and vacationers, especially those who are Filipinos or who have Filipino blood would love to sit around the following Filipino restaurants to either to cure their yearning for something Pinoy (for Filipinos in Sydney) or just to have a taste of something new (Australians and other non-Filipino vacationers).

Bahay Kubo Karaoke and Family

To have a karaoke set-up during occasions is a classic Filipino style because Pinoys love to sing, even those who are out of tune take on the challenge of dominating the stage. Filipinos and non-Filipinos in Sydney will certainly not just enjoy the food but the oh-so-Pinoy type of entertainment here as well.

Fiesta Filipino Takeaway

Enjoy classic Filipino dishes commonly served during Philippine fiestas. Take your pick from a variety of equally scrumptious Pinoy foods plus their delectable sweets that’ll take your breath away.

Café Manila

Named after the capital city of Philippines, café Manila, located at Broughton Street, offers broad selection of delightful Filipino morsels that will perfectly please your taste buds.

Craving for some Filipino food? You can have it catered by the experts so you will save yourself from the tedious cooking. Spit roast may not be an original Filipino cuisine, but Filipinos love it so much. To get this mouthwatering dish, you can order it from South Eastern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

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