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Are you in the mood to throw a fancy dress party or better known as a costume party? If you have the resources, then why not? Costume parties are resplendent, happy and festive gatherings. Send out invitations a week or two prior to the scheduled date of your fancy dress party.

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Include in the invite the theme of your party so that they will have more than enough time to prepare their costumes. Your party theme may be superheroes of the 20th century, Disney characters, or whatever you like. It is all up to you. Just make sure your party theme is interesting enough to entice your invitees to attend the party. Give it a twist, make it unique.

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Aside from making sure that you have stipulated in your invitation all the necessary information, do not forget that you also have to get the best food catering service provider for your party. If you need a list of recommended food caterers and some friendly tips, feel free to visit You will surely get a lot from here.

If you have found the right food caterer for you, you can already entrust all that has something to do with food and beverage to him or her. In addition, you may also ask your caterer to have some food creations reflective of your theme. If you have a Modern-day superheroes theme, you may ask your party caterer to make cupcakes whose designs are superheroes.

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