Family Reunion Caterer

Planning a family reunion? One factor to think about is food since your family will have travelled from near and far and will probably be hungry. Don’t have the time to prepare the food. Then look no further! Mr Fingerfood offer DIY Platters so that you can sort out everything and they will prepare the platters for you and deliver them to you. You take the credit they take care of the food – perfect! All you need to do is heat the food 10-15 minutes to prepare when you want it. They offer:

Not sure how many platters to order?

of Guests
20 4 to 5
30 6 to 8
40 8 to 10
50 10 to 12
60 12 to 14
70 14 to 16
80 16 to 18
90 18 to 20
100 20 to 22

Give them a call: 1800 251 440 and speak to their professional team. Alternatively visit their finger food range online.

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