Exciting Carnival-themed 5th Birthday

Planning for your child’s 5th birthday could not be more exciting. Actually, planning for a children’s party seems to be less stressful and draining than planning for an adult party like weddings, debuts, anniversaries and etc. One of the most brilliant themes for a children’s party is the carnival. You can do a lot of creative things with this kind of theme. These are the following:

carnival themed

• You can hire clowns and other child-friendly entertainers in costume. 5 year-old kids usually are not afraid of clowns anymore unless they have a phobia. Nevertheless, clowns are the best entertainers in a children’s party. They can do magic which will be much to the delight of the children.

• Having different kinds of food stalls present in a carnival is another creative idea. You can hire an ice cream man; you can also invite those who are selling cotton candy, popcorn, cupcakes and waffles or even those who are selling balloons during a sports match or a carnival for your kiddo’s 5th carnival-themed birthday party.

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